My Coo-Wee Story - Tamsin

If you are reading this then I think I can safely assume that you probably suffer the same embarrassing problem that I do, Urinary incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence can be caused by so many different reasons, but for me it was giving birth to three babies. I would pretty much say from my second daughter onwards I was unable to jump on the trampoline with her. I would have leaky issues running around the house chasing & playing with her. Little accidents would happen all the time during my day and by the time I had my third baby it was simply worse than ever.

I loved going to the gym, I loved going for a run. Running became something that I just resided to the fact that I could not do, and I was limited in my activities when I went to the gym.
Read about Tamsin, mother of three and a fitness enthusiast shares her journey of overcoming Urinary Incontinence using Coo-Wee
I did my pelvic floor exercises like I was advised to do when I was pregnant, and this didn’t seem to work either however, due to my busy day I found it hard to keep up with them.

Surgery seemed like a scary and expensive option, so unfortunately incontinence pads became my solution.

I wore a pad every day. If I ever forgot to put on a pad in the morning I would be anxious all day, worrying if I sneezed, if I laughed too hard, or if my morning train jolted - I might have an accident!

Then one day my friend put me onto Coo-Wee. She was suffering leaks as I had been and had been searching for another option other than pads. Well, Coo-Wee has changed my life! It is an absolute god-send!

Coo-Wee is a UI device that I can put on in the morning and leave in for the entire day. I can take it out at night or even the next morning. All I have to do is wash it, re-insert and I am ready to go again for another action packed day.
I remember the first time that I tried my Coo-Wee.

The initial test was going to my favourite walking track and climbing to the top of the very steep hill renowned for leaks on the way down. Now typically I walk down the steep grade very gently (even while wearing a pad) because I wanted to avoid leaking as much as I could before I got to the safety of the toilet at the bottom.

I threw caution to the wind and started jogging down this hill. It was only after the first few steps that I started thinking “oh my goodness, there are no leaks, this is incredible”!

Once I made it to the bottom (and completely dry mind you), I rang my friend and I said “Guess what I was just able to do?.. I ran down a steep hill with no leaks!” It was a feeling of total freedom! For the rest of the track I did my usual – walk one minute, run one minute, and didn’t have one single leak!

Coo-Wee has enabled me to jump on the trampoline with my kids, run for that early train in the morning, laugh with my work mates and safely cough or sneeze with total confidence.

Coo-Wee has changed how I feel as a woman, because walking around with a pad between your legs all day every day is terribly uncomfortable. I am only in my early 40’s and I too want to feel young and vibrant and be able to get out there and do everything that other women can do that don’t suffer from urinary incontinence.

I could not speak more highly of my Coo-Wee. I wear it every day without fail. I can now go to the gym and lift weights, do squats and even run on the treadmill, and I don’t just have to stick to the exercise bike.

Coo-Wee has been incredible for me and it has honestly changed my life!

Freedom is around the corner.