How Do I Use My Coo-Wee?

The Low Down

  • So, you found us, you're intrigued by our Urinary Incontinence products, but a big question lingers - how do you use them?!

    Before we start, we want to thank you for exploring and participating in the the conversation around bladder leaks - and for moving away from the outdated, bulky and unsustainable incontinence pads and undies.

    Now - it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of Coo-Wee. So keep an open mind, uncross your legs, and get ready!
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Inserting Your Coo-Wee

  • STEP 1. Wash your hands: Always wash them and your Coo-Wee before anything.

    STEP 2. Get comfy:
    Find a position that's comfortable and relaxing for you. Most women find squatting as if you were inserting a tampon a good start!
    Like anything new, the more you relax and practice, the easier it'll become.

    STEP 3. Fold your Coo-Wee:
    You will need to fold your Coo-Wee into a ‘U’ shape. Firmly hold the sides of your Coo-Wee with the locating tip facing down.
    With the round end facing towards your pubic bone, insert the Coo-Wee into your vagina. Do not aim straight up, aim back and towards your tailbone as you would with a tampon.

    STEP 4. Insert your Coo-Wee and leave it where it's comfortable:
    This will be different for all women, however as a guide, you should not feel your Coo-Wee once placed. If you can feel the locating tip in your vaginal opening, it is not inserted far enough. Finding the right position may take a little getting used to, but as they say, practice makes perfect!

    STEP 5. Make sure it has opened:
    Proper insertion is important. Make sure Coo-Wee opens fully after finding your comfy spot. To be sure it has opened correctly, simply give your Coo-Wee a small rotation.
    You can also squeeze the pressure rings (not the locating tip) and pull-down slightly to create the seal. You may feel a small ‘POP’ when Coo-Wee opens. This is confirmation that it has opened fully. Great job! 

    You're now ready to live leak-free for up to 12-hours and get back to doing all the things you've been missing out on. 

Removing Your Coo-Wee

  • STEP 1. Relax:
    This step is as important during removal as when you insert your Coo-Wee.

    STEP 2. Get a grip:
    Use the locating tip to get a grip on your Coo-Wee.
    Now bear in mind that your Coo-Wee may have travelled a little north during the day, but don’t worry, you’ve got this!
    A squatting position will also assist to bring Coo-Wee to you.

    STEP 3. Exit strategy:
    Hold the locating tip with your thumb and second finger.
    With your index finger extended to be level with the rings, press inward on Coo-Wee to deform the shape, break the seal and remove slowly. 

    STEP 4: Wash your Coo-Wee:
    Once it's out, be sure to wash your Coo-Wee with warm water and then its ready to use again the next day. 

    You can use a single Coo-Wee for up to one year, meaning you are saving money and the environment by switching to a more sustainable option than incontinence pads and undies. A win-win for you and the planet!

Using the Easy Out Kit to Remove Your Coo-Wee

  • STEP 1. Prepare:
    Remove the ‘Easy Out’ medical thread from the Coo-wee packaging.

    STEP 2. Measure:
    Remove a 30mm-40mm length of medical thread from the dispenser.

    STEP 3. Fold:
    Fold your medical thread in half making a ‘point’ at one end.

    STEP 4. Locate:
    Find the air perforation hole provided along the rim of your Coo-wee (just above the logo).

    STEP 5 Feed the thread through:
    Feed the medical thread through the perforation hole provided along the rim of your Coo-wee.

    STEP 6. Loop and feed
    Create a loop at the top your Coo-wee and feed the thread through the loop

    STEP 7. Pull and Tighten:
    Pull down tightly creating a loop around the rim of your Coo-wee.

    STEP 8. Now the base side: 
    Take the tail end of the medical thread and push through the ‘Easy Out’ perforation hole at the base of your Coo-wee near the locating tip. This can be made easier by turning your Coo-wee inside out. 

    STEP 9. Feed through the base:
    Pull the tail end out through the ‘Easy Out’ perforation hole near the base of your Coo-wee.

    STEP 10. Pull and tighten again:
    Pull the medical thread tight and straight down and ensure the medical thread provides a tight grip to the rim of your Coo-wee.

    STEP 11. Tie it up: Tie the tail end of the medical threat with a double knot to ensure the knot does not pull through when removing your Coo-wee.

    STEP 12. Good to go: 
    Your Coo-wee is ready for use.

    Stress free, easy to use. 

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