• Coo-Wee supports your pelvic floor & helps to stop bladder leaks before they even start.

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We're offering a free Soft & Easy™ with every purchase. That way, you have a chance to try the different options to work out which is most comfortable to you.

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Can't cough, sneeze or even laugh without having a little accident?


Designed by women for women

Coo-Wee is an Australian designed and owned sustainable, reusable and self-managed Urinary Incontinence product that will give you back the lifestyle you love.

There's three levels of firmness available to suit every kind of woman’s lifestyle and level of support required - from our entry-level Soft n' Easy, medium On The Go and firm On the Run.

Not only will you not feel your Coo-Wee, but it will give you confidence and freedom to do the things you've missed out on for up to 12 leak-free hours.

Simply remove it, clean it, and it’s ready to support your next busy day on the go, doing life or tackling the next big adventure.

With Coo-Wee, you get your life back - all while helping the environment.


The Lowdown.

About the Founder

Coo-Wee was born out of personal frustration; of not being able to play sport, be active and have the confidence to undertake daily activities leak-free.

Sara decided to take matters into her own hands and create something life-changing for women with the help of a panel of female experts.

Read Sara's Story

My journey has been life changing. I do crossfit each morning and this device has increased my confidence to complete the exercises, improving my overall performance and fitness.

I can now walk up the stairs and around my workplace in the afternoon, and to my car at the end of the work day, without fear of consequence.

This device is currently saving me a fortune in products, which is great for the environment.

The Easy-Out Kit for removal is great and increases the likelihood of using the product.


"Coo-Wee has changed how I feel as a woman - because walking around with a pad between your legs all day, every day is terribly uncomfortable. I am only in my early 40’s and I too want to feel young and vibrant and be able to get out there and do everything that other women can do without worrying about bladder leaks."

Tamsin S, Melbourne.