Coo-Wee Recommendation Before Purchase

Coo-Wee is the first TGA-approved sustainable and reusable off-the-shelf personal UI device made by women, for women.
We encourage you to seek medical advice prior to purchasing Coo-Wee if you have/had:
  • Been fitted with a pessary in the past?
  • Multiple visits to a urologist?
  • Bladder surgery or cancer?
  • Sling surgery?
  • Issues with finger dexterity and or Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis in the hands or fingers?
  • Diagnosed with small introitus (vaginal opening), short, narrow or widened vagina?
  • Perineal weakness or increased tension?
  • Uterovaginal prolapse (unable to hold a tampon)
As previously mentioned if you have any of the outlined symptoms Coo-wee may not be right for you and we encourage you to seek medical advice prior to purchase.