Coo-Wee for the 35–54 Year-Old 

When choosing Coo-Wee it’s important to understand how it works and to understand what you may encounter when trying Coo-Wee for the first time. Step one is to understand your own anatomy.

All women are different and can have varying issues that are additional to their incontinence and women aged between 35 to 54 years old can be peri-menopausal and may start seeing symptoms of this. 

Three Levels of Firmness Available

12 hours of continued use

Made from premium Medical Grade Silicone

What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause, (also called the menopausal transition), means "around menopause" and refers to the time which your body makes the natural transition to menopause, marking the end of the reproductive years. As women get closer to menopause, oestrogen levels drop This is the hormone that helps keep your bladder and urethra healthy and consequently less oestrogen causes pelvic floor muscles to become weaker. As oestrogen levels continue to drop during menopause, UI symptoms can become worse.

Perimenopause symptoms can include: 

Irregular periods 

Decreasing fertility

Hot flashes and sleep problems

Changes in sexual function

Mood changes

Low Estrogen

Vaginal and bladder problems

Changing cholesterol levels

Another consideration is the size of introitus, (vaginal opening). Some women may have a smaller vaginal opening and may have difficulty inserting Coo-Wee. It is important to know your own anatomy prior to purchase to be relatively sure you are able to accommodate and place Coo-wee effectively.

Given the above symptoms can also cause overall vaginal sensitivities, it is important that the correct Coo-Wee is used for your specific needs. For women between 35 and 54, we suggest a ‘trial pack’ which comes with three different firmness’s of Coo-Wee, beginning with the ‘Soft ‘n’ Easy’ while working your way up to the firmer ‘On the Go’ and ‘On the Run.’ Beginning your journey with Coo-Wee by slowly increasing firmness will help you understand how the product works with your body and will also help to reduce sensitivity and any possible discomfort. 

What's included in a Trial Pack?

1 x ‘Soft and Easy’™

Your first steps towards #ditchingthepad for good, our Soft 'n' Easy™ Coo-Wee is a friendly option for women with vaginal sensitivities who require a gentler feel, but still need support for light daily activities.

If you're new to Coo-Wee, Soft 'n' Easy™ can also be used as your starting point to help ease you into our other devices with stronger levels of firmness.

1 x ‘On the Go’™

On the Go™ Coo-Wee Urinary Incontinence device is made for women who are always on the move and require daily support while doing low-impact exercise.

If You Require: Medium daily incontinence support For: Power Walking, Hiking, Yoga, Pilates, Biking, Gardening, playing with the kids. Feels: Comfortable, confident & dry

1 x ‘On the Run’™

If You Require: Maximum support for high-impact activities
For: Basketball, Netball, Spin Class, Cardio Classes, Running, Dance, Resistance Training. Feels: Comfortable, confident & dry Your Impact:

Less disposable pads ending up in landfills, and changing the stigma around female Urinary Incontinence

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Every order gets a Coo-Wee 'Easy Out Kit'

The ‘Easy Out Kit’ consists of strong medical thread and instructions. Scan the QR code provided with your Coo-Wee purchase and follow the clear instructions for adding the medical thread to your Coo-Wee. The ‘Easy Out Kit’ greatly assists in the removal of your Coo-Wee once inserted.

How Does Coo-Wee Work?

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